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I, Eve without Adam, challenged my fate

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Life is a chance- seize it!
Life is a song- sing it!
Life is a challenge- challenge it!

I, Eve, without Adam, challenged my fate...

Here I am

ready to be always close to you with my site.
My journey of life starts with my primary school in the years 1982-1990. Later I attended the secondary school at my birthplace in the years 1990-1994. In the years 1995-1998 I followed my University studies at the University E.Cabej in my birthplace, Faculty of social sciences.
My Hobby - Everything, life above all...


I was born in Gjirokastra, a museum town in the southern part of Albania. It is a very beautiful an antic town. It is divided into two parts: the antic and the modern parts. The anti part is located at the upper part of the town, where the old characteristic houses are concentrated as well as the old castle which like a giant boat that navigates the town. The castle is as old as the town itself. All the history of the town moves around this castle. You cannot imagine the charms of the stony silver roads worked with mastery by the masters of the town. The quarters in the old town and the surroundings are as historical as the town. I live in this part of the town.

Our family belongs to one of the seven noble families of the town.


My grandfather, a great master of the stone working, has contributed in the reconstruction of the old part of the town, starting from the castle, the roads and alleys that lead to the castle, the watch tower, the municipality, hospital etc.


While the second part, the modern part of the town, where many schools, businesses, churches, the market and the University is located. There is a great deal of activity in this part.  


The town is located in a valley, called the valley of Drino.


Gjirokastra is generally referred as the ‘stony town’ or ‘silver town’.